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CJ Ward

CJ Ward is a radio-loving, history-savvy graduate from Fitchburg State University, now working as a creative choices coordinator by day and indulging in movies, music, and sports by night in his beloved town of Leominster. He's a multitasking enthusiast who brings passion, creativity, and unwavering support to everything he does.


Anita Perry

Anita Perry is a celebrated author, teacher, podcaster, and yoga and meditation instructor with over four decades of experience. She has been recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in her field, and her passion for yoga and meditation shines through in her books and online courses.


Garrett Stillman

Garrett Stillman is a Lunenburger with a passion for radio broadcasting and dairy farming. He's always up for a challenge, be it driving tractors, working the mic, or introducing his kids to the magic of the Beatles.


Denise Sutton

Denise Sutton is a Massachusetts native who loves helping others and has been in the medical field for over 40 years. After losing her husband, she found solace in music and got involved with WLPZ 95.1 FM while also enjoying dancing and spending time with her family and friends.


Mary Ellen Kelley

Meet Mary Ellen Kelley, a passionate, retired educator and globetrotter with an insatiable appetite for life, who is excited to share her expertise with the WLPZ Family and inspire them with her unique blend of creativity, intellect, and passion. Whether she's writing, traveling, or cooking up a storm, Mary Ellen's infectious energy and zest for life are sure to captivate all those around her.