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Nutmeg Junction, created by J. Timothy Quirk, has grown over the years from a cartoon to a full audio theater program. Only time will tell what else the show may evolve into, but here’s a look back through time of the journey so far…https://nutmegjunction.com/explore-nutmeg-junction-history/

Nutmeg Junction is an originally scripted weekly radio program and podcast featuring audio theater adventures of our original characters.

Nutmeg Junction, Nutmeg Junction presents Barnaby Druthers and Nutmeg Junction presents the Barnaby Druthers Mystery Hour are programs that airs currently on 23 stations in 12 states within the United States.

We have been on the air since March 31st, 2018 and there have been over 30 vocal artists who have shared their talent and performed on the program.

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