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“Cool Joe”



Rock & Roll A-Z With Cool Joe

Rock & Roll A-Z... Tune in and turn up the volume for an electrifying evening of Classic Rock-N-Roll with the one and only DJ Cool Joe! Every Tuesday from 6 to 8 PM, join Joe as he takes you on a wild ride through the iconic tunes that defined a generation. From heart-pumping guitar solos to soulful ballads, get ready to be transported to a time when Rock ruled the […]

Meet DJ “Cool Joe” …

A man who’s thrilled to be back behind the mic after taking a few years away.

This time around, he’s traded in his former job directing police, fire, and EMS teams, and is now pumping out the beats and tunes of Rock and Roll.

With 25 years of public service under his belt, Joe knows what it means to keep suburban chaos at bay.

But now, it’s time to let loose and rock the stage.

Join DJ “Cool Joe” on his new journey, where he humbly brings his years of experience to the world of music.

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