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Scott Cloutier – Program Director


For over two decades, I’ve dedicated my life to the art of barbering and passing on my knowledge as a barber instructor. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with countless haircuts and transformative experiences. Alongside my profession, I find deep fulfillment in championing causes close to my heart, particularly those involving veterans and the haunting issues of POW/MIA.

As an active member of Rolling Thunder VT1, a vibrant community that shares my unwavering commitment, I strive to raise awareness about the plight of our missing heroes. Their sacrifices should never fade into oblivion but remain etched in our collective memory. Together, we echo the resounding message, “You Are Gone, But Will Never Be Forgotten,” ensuring that their legacies endure.

Beyond my vocational pursuits and advocacy work, I find solace in the art of woodworking. Crafting intricate trinkets and delicate pieces from humble blocks of wood is a meditative process that allows me to express my creativity and connect with the natural world.

And when I’m not honing my barbering skills or immersing myself in the noble causes I hold dear, you’ll often find me astride my motorcycle, embracing the exhilaration of the open road. The wind in my face, the rumble of the engine beneath me—it’s a thrilling symphony that invigorates my spirit.

In all aspects of my life, from the intimate barber chair to the roaring highways, I humbly embrace the opportunities to serve others, leave lasting impressions, and make a difference. It’s a privilege to share these passions with you, and I’m grateful for the chance to connect through our shared journey.

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