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Leominster Uncommon With Tom

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Monday 6:00 pm trending_flat 8:00 pm

Leominster Uncommon

Get ready to discover the hidden gems of the local music scene with Tom on “Leominster Uncommon” every Monday from 6-8 PM!

Join Tom as he showcases the incredible talent of musicians in the Leominster area and beyond, bringing their unique sound to the forefront.

From acoustic sets to rock bands, Tom’s show is the perfect place to discover your new favorite artist and support the thriving local music community.

Don’t miss a beat – tune in to “Leominster Uncommon” every Monday for an unforgettable musical journey.

Leominster Uncommon With Tom crew


Tom Munkacsy

Tom Munkacsy's diverse experience in the radio industry and his current dedication to his family and community showcases his impressive accomplishments and humble nature. As the host of "Leominster Uncommon" on WLPZ, Tom continues to inspire others with his hard work and perseverance.

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