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The Watchlist With C.J.

DL CJ Ward

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The Watch List…

“The Watch List with CJ” is your ultimate guide to the world of entertainment, airing every Saturday from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Join our knowledgeable host, CJ Ward, as he brings you the latest news from the ever-evolving entertainment industry. From the hottest film releases to the hidden gems on streaming platforms, CJ reviews new and classic movies, ensuring you stay informed and make the most of your media choices.

What makes “The Watch List” truly special is its seamless integration of music. Our carefully curated playlist not only enhances the overall experience, but it also connects with the movies being discussed. Whether it’s the thematic elements or actual tracks from the film soundtracks themselves, the music on the show adds an extra layer of enjoyment and connection for the audience.

Tune in to “The Watch List with CJ” for an engaging and informative journey through the world of entertainment. Stay updated, discover new favorites, and let the power of movies and music bring us all together.

The Watchlist With C.J. crew


CJ Ward

CJ Ward is a radio-loving, history-savvy graduate from Fitchburg State University, now working as a creative choices coordinator by day and indulging in movies, music, and sports by night in his beloved town of Leominster. He's a multitasking enthusiast who brings passion, creativity, and unwavering support to everything he does.

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