Classic Rock

The Night Train Show

With DJ Sonny J

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Friday 7:00 pm trending_flat 9:00 pm

Hop on board and buckle up for a nostalgic ride like no other on “The Night Train Show” with the one and only conductor, DJ Sonny J!

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the golden era of music as we curate the absolute best oldies tunes from the enchanting 50s, the groovy 60s, and the funky 70s. From timeless classics that will make you sing along to hidden gems that will reignite forgotten memories, we’ve got it all lined up just for you.

Picture yourself in the cozy comfort of your own home, surrounded by friends and family, as the Night Train embarks on its musical journey. Each track carefully selected to create the perfect ambiance for your night in. Whether it’s a relaxing evening after a long week or a lively gathering with your loved ones, our show will set the stage for unforgettable moments and heartwarming connections.

DJ Sonny J, your charismatic conductor, will guide you through this auditory expedition, sharing fascinating anecdotes and fun facts about the songs and artists that shaped an entire generation. His passion for the classics will resonate with your own love for timeless melodies, making you feel like you’re on this journey with a dear friend who understands your musical soul.

“The Night Train Show” isn’t just about the music; it’s about cherishing the past while creating beautiful memories in the present. We believe in the magic of music’s ability to transport us to bygone times, evoking emotions and sparking conversations that bridge the generation gap.

Mark your calendars and make“The Night Train Show” a part of your weekly routine, as we roll out the red carpet of nostalgia every Friday evening from 7 PM to 9 PM. Whether you’re a long-time fan of oldies or a curious soul eager to explore the roots of contemporary hits, our show promises an unforgettable and uplifting journey through the ages.

So, get your tickets ready and embark on this timeless adventure with us. Tune in to “The Night Train Show” where the tracks are golden, the memories are precious, and the melodies will keep you dancing in your heart forever. All aboard!

The Night Train Show crew


Sonny Levine

Sonny Levine has a rich and varied background in the world of radio and music. He is a humble man who is passionate about music and has dedicated his career to sharing that love with others.

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